Structural Steel

For over 15 years, SMF has provided structural steel for complex projects ranging from large metal processing and recycling facilities to maintenance enclosures for Navy submarines. SMF uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) to ensure the accuracy of the fabrications, and to make design modifications quick and precise when necessary.

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Miscellaneous Metals

Summit Metal Fabricators are experts at the fabrication of miscellaneous metals. Thanks to our team of expert technicians and suite of cutting-edge equipment, we're able to produce fabrications according to your unique specifications. We're well known for our abilities in complex miscellaneous metal fabrications.

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Stainless Steel, Non-Ferrous

Summit Metal Fabricators is well equipped to produce a broad range of stainless steel fabrications for a wide variety of clients. We can handle one-of-a-kind fabrications, large quantity complex fabrications and anything in between.

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Modular Fabrications

SMF has expertise in modular fabrications, and has provided modular fabrications for the U.S. Navy, municipalities and private companies. SMF’s skilled craftsmen have constructed modules in their fab shop, then shipped and assembled them on site to exact specifications.

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Specialty Finishes

Summit Metal Fabricators is capable of producing custom finishes and coatings for various types of fabrications including aluminum and stainless steel.

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Specialty & Custom Fabrication

Summit Metal Fabricators (SMF) can design and build custom fabrications to meet the requirements for any project. SMF has the know-how and skill to produce fabrications required for projects ranging from storefront facades to Wastewater Treatment Plants.

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Industrial & Commercial Fabrication Facility

Since 1998 Summit Metal Fabricators has been one of the Northeast’s most comprehensive and competitive fabrication facilities, offering quality workmanship and competitive pricing for a wide range of clients. We are experts in complex structural steel shapes, metal components and pipe fabrication. We excel in custom projects that require precise tolerances and details, high quality, specialized materials, and special certifications. Our innovative approaches and technical expertise help us provide a level of superior fabrication to suit your project specifications.

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