Industrial & Modular

Working on projects that are industrial in nature requires special attention to detail.  We understand the importance of having a solid safety record, strong quality controls and industry recognized certifications such as AISC and AWS.  Most industrial work can also be performed in a modular, off-site pre-fabricated, Multi-Trade Pre-fabrication or panelized methods to reduce safety, schedule and cost risks.

Pipe Racks, Trusses, Process Modules, Pump Skids, Industrial Enclosures, Industrial Modules, Stacks & Chimney’s, Industrial Modules, Ductwork, Tanks, Towers, Pipe Bridges, Cooling Towers, Large Diameter Piping, Mezanines, Baghouses

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Renewable & Power Projects

Summit Metal Fabricators is a trusted partner for your renewables and power projects.  Our teammates have the necessary skills and equipment to ensure your project is built safely and to your specific tolerances.  All our projects are designed and detailed in 3D utilizing the latest software, making virtual fit-up and rigging plans a snap.  If you are building a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plant, Industrial generation plant, biogas plant or hydro dams, think Summit.

Industrial Duct Work, Equipment Mezzanines, Pipe Bridges, SCR Ductwork, Stacks, Force Mains, Pollution Control Equipment, Stop Logs, Radial Gates, Roller Gates, Trash Racks, Intake Structures, Bifurcated Trifurcated Penstock 

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Transportation Projects

From passenger rail to cargo rail to airports, tunnel structures and bridges, we have you covered.  With our on-time scheduling and attention to detail, you can be assured your project will be a great success.  Our fabrication facilities are almost 4 acres under roof, with approximately 35 acres of laydown & storage yard, located near major highways and waterways to handle some of the largest, most demanding projects in the country.

Canopies, Rail Stations, Loadout Facilities, Conveyor Supports, Bulk Handling Facilities, Bridges, Elevated Pedestrian Walkways, Towers, Escalator Structures, Decorative Sculptures, Shelter Structures, Ornamental Staircases, Monumental Stairs

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Commercial Projects

When it comes to commercial fabrication work, Summit Metal Fabricators focuses on highly-specialized, intense project management driven, demanding and one-off work.  We traditionally fabricate projects that no other fabricator wants to attempt.  With our highly skilled & trained project managers, the latest 3D software, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and specialty equipment, our team can take on your most challenging & high profile projects.

Custom Entrance Canopies, Monumental Stairs, Commissioned Sculptures, Monuments, Specialized Stair Towers, Mesh Panels, Lobby Structures, Architectural Bracketry, Decorative Supports, Railings, Exposed Trusses, Specialty Coatings and Paint Systems

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Federal Projects

The Federal Government will continue to maintain and enhance its military and commercial assets.  Summit Metal Fabricators has and continues to provide major fabrications for the U.S. Government installations in the region.  With shipyards, bases and buildings nearby, we remain competitive on both new and retrofit work through accurate and competitive bidding, our state-of-the-art facilities, skilled teammates and vast experience.

Naval Enclosures, Dry Dock Work, Industrial Towers, Specialty Enclosures, Multi-Trade Modules, Offsite Prefabrication, Specialty Stainless Steel Fabrication, Aluminum Fabrication, Industrial Buildings, Enclosures, Protective Work, Trusses, Bridges

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Fabrication News:

Summit Metal Fabricators Bay A
Bay A- just one of the many bays Summit Metal Fabricators works in at our Plaistow, NH headquarters.

Industrial & Commercial Fabrication Facility

Since 1998 Summit Metal Fabricators has been one of the Northeast�s most comprehensive and competitive fabrication facilities, offering quality workmanship and competitive pricing for a wide range of clients. We are experts in complex structural steel shapes, metal components and pipe fabrication. We excel in custom projects that require precise tolerances and details, high quality, specialized materials, and special certifications. Our innovative approaches and technical expertise help us provide a level of superior fabrication to suit your project specifications.

American Institute of Steel Contractors Society of American Engineers Associalted Builders and Contractors American Welding Society AISC Certified Fabricator NACE InternationalSFNE MemberCS Gold Award