Project Info:
National Park Service

Sand slurry pump skids and tank constructed of structural, stainless, and galvanized steel

Design/Builder - Methuen Construction

Project Value:

Project Highlights:
The pump skids and sand slurry tank were fabricated to exacting federal standards.

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Sandy Hook, NJ - Sand Slurry Pump Skids

To counteract severe beach erosion at the Sandy Hook National Recreation area in Sandy Hook, NJ, the National Park Service constructed a three mile long permanent slurry pipeline to transport sand from the north end of the beach, and recycle it back to the south end of the beach. As part of a large Design/Build project, Summit Metal Fabricators was contracted to source and fabricate five sand slurry pump skids, one jet water booster pump skid, and a sand slurry tank for the beach errosion control system being built and installed at Sandy Hook.