Project Info:
Algonquin Power

Galvanzied steel penstock - brass gate fittings & bushings

Algonquin Power

Summit Metal Fabricators

Project Value:
$ 227,535

Project Highlights:
Fabrication and installation of galvanized steel penstock surge tower & control gates.

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Milton, NH - Surge Tower Penstock at a Hydro Dam

Summit Metal Fabricators was contracted by Algonquin Power to repair and replace gates and a surge tower at their hydro-electric dam in Milton, NH. .Summit designed, fabricated and installed head gates, waste gates and a surge tower based on drawings supplied by Algonquin. The surge tower was fabricated from galvanized steel, 35 feet tall and 8 feet across. On-site welding repairs on the 10” and 36” fire line pipes were performed as well. The head gates were fabricated to exact tolerances and were equipped with brass fittings and bushings.