Project Info:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT

Stainless Steel artwork fabricated and installed by AISC certified welders utilizing the Tungsten Inert Gas, TIG, process

Antony Gormley, London, UK

Silmon, Boston, MA

Project Value:

Project Highlights:
Summit developed a specialized system to install the 4-story sculpture from the ground up in the stairwell of the Mathematics Building.

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Cambridge, MA - Stainless Steel Sculpture Construction

Summit Metal Fabricators was selected by Antony Gormley Studios to fabricate and install his latest sculpture "CHORD" at MIT in Cambridge, MA.  The sculpture is comprised of 541 stainless steel spheres connected by 905 duplex stainless steel rods of various lengths and is installed in the four-story stairwell of the mathematics building at MIT.  To meet the artist's specifications, the Summit team developed special welding procedures and equipment to ensure that each rod connected to the exact center of each sphere at the precise angel. The project team also worked closely with the artist  to produce the unique finish and shape of both the spheres and the rods.