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Major Milestone Achieved at Schnitzer

For the past eleven months Team Schnitzer has endured freezing winter nights, hot summer days, and an endless blanket of fibrous fluff. Through it all, the Team has remained committed and determined to demonstrate our customer commitment which included upholding our reputation, positively impacting our Client, and proudly demonstrating what it means to be a part of Methuen Construction.

Lead by Project Manager Cody Barnes, Assistant Project Manager Patrick Castrogiovanni, Superintendent Paul Bunch and Mechanical Foreman Tim Roark, Team Schnitzer has never missed a beat, maintaining an aggressive drive to the finish line and tackling issues as they arise. The field team, comprised of Mike Healy, Tim Strunk, Steve Petrosino, Roger DePina, Tory Kitchens, continuously perform at a level far beyond what is expected of them. Every member of the team has demonstrated time and time again their commitment to the Project, the Client, and Methuen Construction despite working long hours, night shifts, and weekends.

On Friday, August 9th, the Team celebrated a major milestone with the delivery and setting of the second wet scrubber unit. In this moment, the Team’s hard work and dedication over the past several months came to fruition as the scrubber was lifted off the truck and set into place. This achievement marks the last major milestone prior to project completion and shifts the focus of the Team to the final goal of completing the project