About Us

Industrial & Commercial Fabrication Facility

Since 1998 Summit Metal Fabricators has been one of the Northeast's most comprehensive and competitive fabrication facilities, offering quality workmanship and competitive pricing for a wide range of clients.

We are experts in complex structural steel shapes, metal components and pipe fabrication. We excel in custom projects that require precise tolerances and details, high quality, specialized materials, and special certifications.

Our innovative approaches and technical expertise help us provide a level of superior fabrication to suit your project specifications.

Mission Statement

Our team consistently completes its projects in an innovative, well planned, on time, and above all else safe manner. These results are accomplished through a commitment to teamwork that brings together our core and support groups creating a culture of cooperation, high energy, respect for individuals, and a can-do spirit.

This approach honors our stakeholders, including customers, vendors, subcontractors, and business associates, resulting in long term profitability that is shared with all teammates through equitable compensation and benefits as well as recognition for outstanding performance.

The facility, equipment, and expertise to complete
the most demanding and complex fabrication projects

The Summit Way

The Summit Way identifies the 5 core, ethical values that represent who we are as an organization. These core, ethical values have developed over time, benefiting from the strong influence of our founders and Teammates. At Summit Metal Fabricators, it is important that our individual decisions incorporate these core ethical values: